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I am new to REI as a business. I have "rehabbed" two of my own homes, built a home, and " fix & flipped" my mother-in-laws house when she passed away. None of it was for business just for personal needs. I am ready to jump in to REI and make it my primary line of work. I have a goal to be a full time REI in the next 18 months. My initial plan is to fix and flip to build up cash and then begin a BRRRR strategy to generate long term growth. I currently have a full time job with a flexible schedule and a good salary in marketing

The thing  I am trying to determine is where the financing for the first deal will come from. My wife and I are beginning to look at properties, but I would love to have at least a small network of investors to send deals too when I find them. For the first few deals I would be looking at near 100% funding to build up my cash reserves. In return I would be willing to pay a higher interest rate for the first few deals or enter into a profit split for a mentoring relationship until I get my feet wet. 

So if you are in the Cleveland area and want to take a new REI under your wing or even if you are just looking to invest, please let me know and lets meet!

@Christopher Blanco  I'd suggest using your marketing skills to try finding off market deals. Start talking to hard money lenders and see what sort of products they offer. Love the goals, best of luck to you!

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