Mortgage broker who deals with investors indianapolis

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Hello all,

I am looking to link up with a mortgage broker or lender who works with investors in the Indianapolis market. I am looking to do some creative financing for a few properties. Ive talked to one lender but am interested in learning more options, or examples anyone from this area has dealt with. Feel free to PM me!

Thank You

@Ryan Guittare happy to speak with you and work together...I have lots of financing options and capacity in Indy. Shoot me a PM!

@Ryan Guittare

Are you looking for conventional mortgages and an investor friendly broker, or are you only looking to do creative deals?  I have a great lender who helped mortgage most of my investment properties.  PM me for contact info...  

@Clay Manship  Thank you for the response! Looking to get involved in some buy and hold deals within this market and am very interested in the options you pursued as well as your take on this demographic. Let me know when you can connect

@Louise Alexander Would love to hear about your lender that you have been involved with for your properties. Please let me know when you can connect

HI I am not currently but I will soon be licensed in IN.

It will be a good experience to learn the comps and the market.

In the meantime I can help address any hypothetical questions.

Im currently looking through some Turnkey companies for properties within this market. I like the stability, blue collar neighborhoods. With affordable 2 or 3 bed 1 or 2 bath homes that I will buy for long term. I have a decent bit of cash saved up and my goal is two have two rental properties before 2016 ends. Looking at Duplexes as well as single family homes. Anyone actively involved within this market and has any advice I would love to connect!

Hi Ryan Guittare,

How is it going on indy investments?? 

I am an investor based in SJ and am seriously looking at Indy as a buy n hold market for my rentals. Any input from you would be appreciated as I am just starting out and new to the Indy market. Thanks!!

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