Looking for Private Money - TRUE Hard Money Lender

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Hello BTGuthrie,

First, let me say, "Welcome"!

I see that this is your first post. Thanks for coming
to our forum with your request. I know I'm jumping
in fast, but there are many hard money lenders and
brokers who frequent this forum.

I am a commercial broker in Texas and a Hard Money
broker anywhere "if" the hard money is not technically
a "loan" and many hard money arrangements are not
srictly speaking, "loans" as you normally think of them.

Mr Ruzzman, who is on this board, brokers such arrangements
as does GoldenBearLoans and others too.

How do you like to be approached? Or perhaps, you want to
pm those of us who could maybe help you.

Tell us how we can help.

I too would be interested in TRUE hard money loans. I've check many places and they are either 10% down @ 18% -- or 65% of LTV @ 10 - 13% with 4 - 6 points.

Most of the so-called hard money loans are not based on ARV - they want money down and other requirements that regular mortgage loans request. I can get that money anywhere.

I thought hard money was based solely on the value of the property.