Arizona hard money or private money with low rates?

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I'm putting together a list of top providers of hard money and private money in Arizona (and California). I've gone through the hard money marketplace on BP and have a bunch of names, but before getting quotes from a bunch of groups, does anyone have any recommendations or experience with lenders in AZ or CA? Mainly looking for low rates and programs that are made for fix and flip investors. My group has 25+ flips under our belt, so we are a lower than average risk. We do not currently have a property that needs funding, I'm just getting ready for when we have the next one. Thanks in advance!

@Kellen King , I am with Orchard Funding. We are a HML focusing on fix and flips in the Phoenix metro and Southern California markets. We have a wide product offering. Feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss our programs in detail.

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