Financing house-hack property if self employed

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Hello BP Nation!

I am looking to buy 4bed/3bath property in Texas, live in one room, rent out others - House-Hack. 

*No W-2 income - Self employed

*20-25% down payment + healthy bank account

*will have 3 roommates to pay the mortgage

*property purchase with 20-30% discount, would remodel before rented to increase equity


1. SRF is not considered an investment property if I lived in. I could pay cash for it with HML or PM and refinance, BUT since it is the primary residence, I'd have to wait for 2 years to refi. High interest rates for 2 years will just kill the cashflow...

2. SFR if not lived in, requires additional stream of income to show to the lender. I could then refi after 6 months if paid cash, but would not be able to House-Hack.

-What are the options to get financing on about $200k property if self-employed to house hack knowing all the factors above? Any input from lenders and fellow investors would be highly appreciated!

Thank you, team!

Hi @Lukas Vanagaitis  

I'm curious, why would you not be able to refinance out of the HML? You should be able to do a no cash out refinance within one day of the purchase, unless there is a Texas Specific State Law that I am not aware of. Then you can still house hack if you would like. You will have to confirm that you are able to qualify for a Qualified Mortgage with your self employed income.