hard money lender Wisconsin

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Any hard money lender in Wisconsin that are reliable and or do you recommend going the traditional route with an bank. I am a first time investor and have been reading and attending events. I am ready to finally make the jump.

A bank's money will be less expensive but hard or private money allows you to get better equity on deals. I would say check all options. Milwaukeehardmoney is a popular choice. Also, you may want to check for credit lines. Many investors including myself also use lines of credit to buy quickly and the same bank works on the immediate re-fi. I find local banks and credit unions are the best.

It also depends on what types of properties and your overall investing strategy. Distressed properties may not qualify for bank financing.  

Good luck on your REI adventure.

Even if you are a new investor, if you have a solid team (broker, contractor, etc) and the numbers work two non traditional lenders are Grand Coast Capital and Renovo Financial

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