How to find private lending for buy and hold rentals

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Hello all!
I'm looking for advice on finding private lending for buy and hold deals! I work out of town about 90% of the time and am working 80-90 hours a week usually when I am gone so it's tough to create good relationships with possible investors/mentors. I have a good amount of money saved and can dip into it if possible but I'd really love to start acquiring properties using the "OPM" method. This current deal I am wanting to do has instant equity and will cash flow great I just don't know where to look for lending outside of traditional methods that will require 20% down and a plethora of paperwork and time. Any advice would be truly appreciated!

@Cory Spitznagel Here in the Pittsburgh market there are many options for private lending. PM me I have a few lenders that do out of state lending also.

Start with your local REIA and be upfront with people that you're looking for financing. Also, look at your local assessors website and see who owns a lot of real estate and track them down to see if they're interested.

Here is an idea: try CL. You will get a lot of FRAUDS AND SCAMMERS wanting advance fees, ignore those. However, I have utilized CL quite a bit and found some good honest lenders with good rates. I just closed on this one and I found the lender from CL. Also ask friends, family, co-workers...everyone. I also found a great one a few years back that was referred to me by a local attorney. They know two kinds of people: the people with money, and the ones they took it all from!

This is can be a tough question to answer, especially for a newer investor, but finding the answers to this question will unlock and open doors to many possibilities for growth!

I think just getting your name out there is a huge first step... network at REIAs, even the 'pitchy' ones...  everyone there is most likely pretty passionate about real estate.  You would be surprised who you can meet there, if you are honest and sincere.

Get some experience under your belt... even a couple successful deals is HUGE compared to one or none...

Definitely do some research... find the online portal for your county and do a deed search or land records search, find out who owns what, who owns a lot, and check the mortgages or trust deeds that are attached to the properties they own, if any.  Find out how they financed their deals, reach out to them and possibly their lender (if possible).  

Go to Sheriff Sales (other states may have different names), find out who is paying 'real cash' for properties.

Call, call , call... It can be tedious but just reaching out and starting conversations is huge, whether they are investors, money people, or even property owners (future buyers and sellers). If you have deals on the table to present to a private investor, that is all the better. If you do not know who to call but want to get rolling just start calling craigslist ads, and write down and call EVERY FSBO sign you see. Just Do It!

Good Luck!!  

If you’re using private money to buy and rehab, and ultimately refi your cash out, do you need seasoning from the bank to get an FHA loan, or do they require seasoning? I know you can get commercial without seasoning but it’ll have a higher rate.
I have heard of the delayed financing exemption as long as it’s the first loan on the property, but not sure if a private money loan counts.

 @Bill Goodland I cannot speak specifically for FHA loans as I have never had good luck getting financing using traditional underwriting, but I do know that the new breed of 'landlord loans' that are out there are perfect for what you are trying to do. You can get 30 yr loans at good ltv's, with seasoning as low as 30 days!! (Which is crazy considering it was literally 90 days last year and longer before that). Rates are above FHA rates, but for me I still get good cash flow and a monthly payment that will Never Change!! (Which was bit me during the last crash in 07-09).

Good Luck!!

Finding private lenders are difficult but doable(I have not found one but I know I will). @James Ihssen I agree with you on the FHA restrictions I do not know they will even do any of this. Worth a try.

I am going to start going to RE meetings found on in the LA area to find out more. 

I hope you have an easy search!

@Alex Deacon i would like to speak with your lender if possible. I have deals waiting. Just need the shot to start making things happen.

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