how to get a better heloc on our mortgage!

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ok i got this question so im just starting out, i live in niagara falls area and due to my job ive seen alot of vacant houses so i wanted to get into realestate been ,readin listenin to podcasts watchin videos all over you tube joined rei clubs and BP, my problem is bad credit score which im slowly fixing, id to use our HELOC to buy first property since ive gotten bad vibes from people sayin wholesaling is tough in my area so our house is is worth about 130k our heloc limit is only 7500.00 it was 15k til wellsfargo realize we bought new furniture threw a no interest for 12mths and they cut it in half, so is there a way to take our mortgage to another bank for a better heloc limit?

Focus on improving your credit score and lowering your overall debt and even possibly saving up to have the reserves or down payment needed for future financing. Right now you have low credit score which limits your options with lenders. Your HELOC was lowered because the bank knows your last reported income, and your debt to income is high, so they know you wouldnt be able to pay off a higher HELOC balance (they are not accounting future possible income streams from rentals). Reduce debt, increase savings. Also, you are getting furniture loans which might be red flags for banks. Finally, use anything besides wells fargo for financing in the future. go to any nearby credit union who will give you a better experience with less hassle. They were a nightmare when I took out a mortgage with them. Leverage is good, but leverage with no cash on hand and high debt to income is what banks consider very high risk, which is why they are lowering your existing lines of credit. Show them that you can save up for rainy days and be responsible with your existing credit accounts and pay those off on time and in full. Use punctuation next time, your paragraph was a giant mess of words. Your lender would read that same text and be worried about lack of education and job stability. good luck.

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