FEEDBACK PLEASE! - Pitch Deck for Private Lending

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Good Evening BP,

We are just starting out and hunting for deals now but also starting to try and line up financing. For various reasons while we have a good balance sheet and good credit, we don't have access to traditional financing. That leaves us going down the route of trying to raise private loans and we plan to approach our first circle soon.

I've made a pitch deck for friends, family and acquaintances that we plan to approach to ask if they want to do private lending to us and I would very much like your feedback on the document. It's linked, as well as our one page introduction below.

Specifically, I'd like your feedback on:

- Is it credible to take this approach? much of the initial audience will know nothing about private lending.

- Are there things I have included which I should edit out or things that I have missed which I should include?

- Am I running up to any Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) areas of regulation that I should be careful of?

- Are there things that I clearly don't know about what I'm doing but obviously should?

- If you were a private lender, would this be an enticing initial pitch upon which to have more substantive discussions?

Our one pager introduction on the FilePlace - One Pager

Our private lending pitch deck on the FilePlace - Pitch Deck

As always, we are looking forward to your constructive and insightful feedback.


Here is my feedback. No matter what industry you are in or are trying to do there are 4 central pillars that you must convey when dealing with equity investors. Those are 1) viability of the project (does this make sense?), 2) ROI break even point, 3) CV of the person running it (you) and 4) your skin in the game.

That being said, I would focus more at conveying this on your one page sell sheet.  Unfortunately, investors of all kinds are bombarded all the time with all sorts of "deals".  As short, well done, and straight to the point your deck is we live in a world where most of us do not have more than a one minute attention span.  

I sent you a connection request.  If you respond back and send me your e-mail I will send you and example of what I am trying to say above with a more concise one pager. 


You've obviously put a lot of work and thought into each so well done. 

As a private lender I would look for two immediate things:

1. Do you have a deal that needs immediate funding? I feel these PPTs are before the actual deal making ones. I'm bought in to anything the makes sense with people that know what they are doing.

2. Who am I loaning the money to? Since this is a new company I would be prepared to personally guarantee until you have a clear track record of results (hard to tell if the current two properties are profitable or not). 

Happy to chat more and even see if working together makes sense.



Hey @Jeffrey Calabrese ,

Good feedback, it's more of an initial pitch and then if a potential investor shows interest we would go back with a more specific proposal and deal to actually fund.

On the personal guarantee, I think that's probably the way we will have to do it until we can show an actual track record.  Speaking to local banks about portfolio lending and lines of credit, the personal guarantee seems like a pretty standard thing at the beginning.  

In your opinion, when do you feel like an investor has enough track record to push back on this and avoid giving personal guarantees?

Hey Josh,

Both the one pager and deck are so professional and well done. You are not getting into trouble with the SEC unless you start soliciting people you don't know. I think these are great documents you put together but I would speak to your family and friends in a more casual and comfortable way. Meet with them in person and ask what their current investments are and what their investment goals are and try to frame your opportunity as a good fit for them.

It depends on the assets the business has.

For example, If I can get first lien position on a company asset to secure the loan it's pretty straight forward. That would be a good starting point. 

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