How to get over 3 private private mortgages.

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Currently I have 2 private mortgages in my name and looking to add a 3rd at the beginning of the year. Once we have the 3rd conventional mortgage in place I’m guessing I wi start running into some problems with traditional banks. Our vision beyond the 3 mortgages is to acquire 3-5 duplex - four-plex properties for long term buy & hold strategy. I will be using private money to fund the deal and my own money for the rehab. My question is, when I go to do the refinance in 6-12 months will I still be able to get traditional financing if I have 25% equity or what type of loan/bank should I be looking for at that point? I’m guessing they still cap out at a certain amount of loans in personal name even if you have the proper equity? Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can have up to 10 financed properties with Fannie Mae. If you know how to structure things, you can keep financing more and more purchases with Fannie Mae even after you have 10 financed properties. 

"If you know how to structure things...." is kind of the question thats really being asked.

After 10 mortgaged properties, you go to Portfolio loans, those held in house and not sold to Fannie/Freddie.

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