HELOC or Concurrent second option questions

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Good good morning all You Beautiful People of BiggerPockets. I'm looking for a little guidance this morning. I have a little bit of equity in my primary residence that I'm having difficulty finding a lender to help me get out due to my FICO score being under 700 for a HELOC. I'm looking to get this cash to put down payments on a couple properties out of state. If anybody has any ideas or types of loan products I should seak out. Preferably loan products that would fit someone with a score of 680 to 700.

You can cash out from this property but depend on your current interest rate. If its about same what market offering cash out would be good option otherwise I don't think you have bad credit score for HELOC. Try some other lenders or work with your current lender.

@Isaac S.   A 680 to 700 credit score is not bad at all.  I'm surprised you're having a problem because of credit score.  

Instead of a HELOC, you also have the option of a cash out refinance, which can give you a fixed rate on the entire loan balance. You would get one new loan to pay off your current mortgage, and the additional amount would go to you as cash. For example, if you currently owe $250,000, and want an additional $50,000, you would get a new $300,000 loan assuming you have enough equity.

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