HELOC used for purchase of SFH rental, now what?

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Hello, Looking for any advice/guidance when it comes to Cash out Refinance of my recent SFH rental purchase. I used a HELOC to purchase the property and wasn’t sure if there’s a minimum wait time before applying for a conventional 30 year mortgage. Also, Can I do this in my LLC? Any advice/guidance would be appreciated! Thanks! Ryan

If your going to use a conventional cash out refinance, then you have 2 options. If you want to get just the amount that you paid for the property + refinance closing costs within the 1st 6 months of being on title, you can do Delayed financing through Fannie Mae. 

If you want to get more then your original purchase price on your new loan amount, then you will have to be seasoned on title for 6 months or more and do a standard Fannie Mae cash out up to 75% LTV.

You will not be allowed to do the financing in your LLC's name on a conventional loan, so title will need to revert to your personally.

If you have to have financing in the LLC, you will need to get financing from a local community bank or credit union as a commercial or portfolio loan or you can search out a Non-QM lender who can do the loan in the name of the LLC and compete with the commercial banks on rates and terms.

@Kenin Romines Thank you!

@Kevin Romines great info! What about if you take title in your personal name and then do a warranty deed or quit claim deed into your LLC?

You can do that, but technically that violates the due on sale clause. So not that a lender would call it due, but they could? Lenders typically find out because the insurance policy changes to name the LLC versus the person.

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