Have down payment capital, need financing for property 11+

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I own my primary residence and 9 rental properties in my name.  I have the capital and would like to invest in additional properties, however, the mortgage broker I have worked with on my existing properties is unable to help now that I have reached 10.

My wife's name is not on the properties and she will have a W-2 for another 3 months as we are expecting a baby boy in May.  

Would it be possible to refinance the properties into her name so I can keep buying throughout the year?  Open to any and all suggestions and appreciate your help on this in advance.


Niko Chiaparas

You need to find a portfolio lender and get
Commercial loans.

Can your wife qualify by herself to buy a property (or a few) before she leaves her job?
Do you know anyone who can offer you a portfolio / commercial loan to refi your 10 loans into 1 loan so you can get more Fannie loans?
There are lenders out there who will offer 11+ loans but not Fannie loans. I don’t think I can post names / links so pls PM me for what I’ve read / heard about.
Good luck.

Thanks Caleb and Henry.  I am trying to find Portfolio lending and can see if my wife could qualify for at least 1 or 2 in the meantime.   

Do you know if I can refinance a property into my wife's name and be able to buy additional properties in my name alone with traditional lending?

@Niko Chiaparas if you have a corporate entity like an LLC you could refi all your rentals into a blanket commercial loan. You might even be able to pull cash out for further investments. PM if you need help.

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