Best utilization of equity with a VA loan?

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Hello everyone, first time poster. I am AD military living in the San Diego area. I am looking for insight into what would be the best option to begin investing in rental properties. I want to ensure I have my financing optimized before making any commitments on opportunities. I currently have a 3.375% VA loan that I owe 335K on and home is valued at 640K. I have lived in the house for over 7 years. I also recently took out a 196K 6% HELOC for purchasing power. a. Leave my situation as is and get after it. b. Do a VA-Conv. refi to free up refi option. c. Close HELOC and do a VA cash-out refi to pull about 200K of my equity out. (maybe do a VA-Conv. refi later down the road?) Thank you in advance!

@Matthew Rayl lets connect more on this. I have some ideas! I def know of real estate ventures where you can def make greater returns than 6% pretty conservatively to take advantage of that cash you now have but this would be a more passive approach. 

If you are like me you may want to be more active with your investing (like purchasing a duplex here in San Diego). Hit me up and we can talk more.