Owner Builder Financing Question

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Hello BP! I'd like to build a duplex cash, owner builder, than refi and build a second one owner builder. What are my financing options? Through a simple google search, theres wasn't many. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!!!

@Rich Cee If you are going to build with your own cash, then the option is simple. You can do a cash-out refi once you have 6 month seasoning. The 6 month seasoning will apply from the date that you bought the land.

Like @Upen Patel provides @Rich Cee , cash out refinance. I encourage you to talk with a few lenders who may provide this and find out their seasoning periods as I've found they vary from 6-18 months. 

Thank you gentlemen

@Jay Helms @Upen Patel Gentlemen, one more question. Can I cash out refi to do the owner builder WITHOUT being an LLC during construction THEN deed it to an LLC after its complete? I ask because I can only do owner builder as long as Im not an LLC in my area. LLC's must hire a GC to run the build here and I want to do the GCing myself.

Hi! @Rich Cee You can transfer title to LLC. But do keep in mind that loans to LLC come with a higher rate/points.

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