Lenders asking for an Executive Summary

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Can anyone here help me...I am trying to get a loan on some undeveloped property and a couple of the lenders are asking for an Executive Summary...I have never done one or seen one and have no idea how to put one together. Does anyone have a sample of one that they could send me so I know where and how to start?

If you have never done one...the best way to learn is to ask the lender exactly what they want to see.

I am a commercial and residential lender and get people quite often on the commercial side that don't know how to write a good executive summary.

One huge key in getting funding for commercial property is presenting your proposal in a professional manner. No mis-spelled words, multiple exit strategies, hard facts and forecases, etc.

Your executive summary should include:

- who your company is and experience
- exactly what the project is. good description with facts.
- How much money you are asking for
- How you plan on paying the money back
- any collateral or capital to bring to the table

basically, the executive summary gives us an overview of you, the project, and how you plan on paying the money back.

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Trevor Mauch