Refinancing in Virgina - Need Recommendations!

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Hi BP Community! I am looking to refinance a few properties I own: Duplex in Harrisonburg, VA and two townhouses in Norfolk, VA.

Could anyone recommend a lender or bank that I should be considering? I'm looking for 25-30 year fixed through a registered company, not in my personal name. I raise this as I'm not interested in purchasing in our name and then moving the loan to an LLC, I'd rather have it all transpire in one of our LLCs.

Although I'm open to working with any lender regardless of location, I'd prefer if it were in Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Richmond, Virginia Beach or Norfolk. 

Thank you very much in advance!


@Jason Magee try posting this in the Virginia forum.  You might have more luck there with some local people.  Just a thought.  Thanks!

Thank you very much! Will do! 

Union Bank would meet those requirements. PM me if you would like contact info for someone there. 

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Another one you might try is C&F bank. They have offices all over Virginia, including Charlottesville. They do portfolio lending, work with LLCs, will do cash out refi 80% LTV, and will usually do 25yr fixed! Here is their url:

I know of a 30 yr fixed multifamily program 75% senior debt LTV. Minimum amount is 500k, Competitive rates. pm me if you'd like. Best of luck!

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