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Hi everyone! I just want to know how much interest rate you gets recently for conventional loan on a investment property that you put 20% down and have good credit score?

@Niki Cao Most banks won’t finance you unless it’s 25% down depends on occupancy and units. I would say from 4.8 to 7.5. 

@Thawda Aung The lender let me put 20% down. Just want to know what is the interest rate everybody is getting. 

@Niki Cao If it is a $300,000+ loan amount, 45 day rate lock or less, 5.25% is what we are quoting today and we are normally pretty darn competitive. So somewhere within that number. Rate is a decent amount higher at 20% down versus 25% down. 

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5.375%, 30 year, 2 origination points. 20% down.

thanks for all the inputs!

for a 80% ltv   single family  property Inv  purchase ..rates  likely in the  4.625% - 5.25% range ( depending on loan fees )

I got 4.25% in January with 25% down on an occupied duplex. Probably closer to 5.25-5.625 with 20% down now, shop around for sure and find the best rate. Good luck!

Two weeks ago, we had the option of 20% down-5.375% or 25% down-5.175% on a 30 year fixed for our conventional investment rate.

My local bank is offering a 5.5% 5 year adjustable on 20 year term with 20% down.  

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