Clear to close Nerves

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I am in my final steps and will be finding out if I’m cleared to close tomorrow. I am a nervous wreck and hyper paranoid.

I happened to look at my credit score and 3 days after we had an accepted offer for the home we are buying I had gone to AT&T because I needed a new phone. 

I did not realize they did a hard inquiry on my credit. And now so close to closing I’m afraid that with it showing as a hard inquiry even though it didn’t affect my credit score that my loan will fall through.

Does anyone have any words of encouragement or sound advice?

Hi @Amanda Prater ,

I'd be a little surprised if a new phone messed up a home closing. That said if something happens to cancel the deal, know that you are made with infinite worth and there is no reason to let one voided deal ruin your day. Just keep on going!

I hope that helps. I wish you the best!