Private Lending in my market

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I would like to start offering private money lending.  What is the best way to find investors in my local market looking for private money lending on their flip deals?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

@Richard Howell -- 1. Go to your local REIA meetings. 2. Consider joining an association such as AAPL (American Association of Private Lenders). 3. Research the max rates you can charge (usury), and laws about private lending in your State.

@Richard Howell , in-person networking is really the most powerful way. Not only will it get you in front of potential real estate investors but then they can also refer you to others in their network. As @Adam Schneider mentioned in his reply, attend local REIA meetings and join an association such as AAPL. Also, reach out to local wholesalers, brokers, and real estate agents to get the word out of your services. Referrals provide great opportunities for investors.

@Richard Howell Go to your local REI meet ups, talk to realtors (especially those who specialize in finding properties for investors). Also make sure it requires license in your state. There are 12 states require license for private lending. Good luck.