Anyone have experience with Unison

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Has anyone tried Unison, I did my research on them and seem like a really good idea. They give 20% equity back in exchange for future appreciation, no payments for 30 years. I was offered 80k cash for 40% future appreciate or 40k for 20%. Its big gamble but I have the option to pay it off anytime after 3 years. They would have 3rd lien position after heloc. Probably not the best idea for property near seattle.

I don't have experience with Unison but received a flyer in the mail and looked into it.  I would consider using them in the future as housing costs are so high in NYC.  I would want to use it to buy maybe a 2-family house which would be way out of my price range but the downpayment assistance with no payments might make it a possibility.  Giving up on appreciation in an area with likely appreciation can be tough to do but it might work in the right situation.  Plus, many believe we're at the top of the market so I guess you can try and use Unison and pay it off after 3 years if you want the appreciation for yourself.  Let me know if you use them...I'd be interested in learning more about the experience.

I got a similar flyer from them and was curious what sort of stake they were taking.  The 40% stake for future appreciation doesn’t seem horrible if you feel the market has plateaued.

have not used them but do consider. If your house depreciates instead of appreciating they also share in the lost of equity.

You can also use Unison if you own a home already for renovations.

I received a flyer as well. If you were planning to use then for your rental property, according to Money Metagame, Unison cannot be used with rental properties, you will need to buy Unison out first if you want to convert your current home to a rental.

Looks like we have all similar questions because this could be a great way to invest our equity. I've looked into Unison, Home Tap and Point but I haven't signed up. My biggest concern after reading the reviews on the following link was customers mentioning the low end appraisals Unison comes back with, compare to you city/state annual assessments, and/or private appraisals.