Applyung for a mortgage using wifes information

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Hey BP, First off I want to thank the BP community. Thanks to the forums we have successfully rented out our first property and are ready to move on to the second. my question is about low down payment mortgages. my wife and I are about to purchase a home here in Wilmington NC. We are going to live in it, rehab it, airbnb it temporarily then move on to our 3rd property roughly 2 years down the road. We will rent it out full time once we move. Although we have the 20% for the down payment I am trying to figure out a way to purchase a home for less money down. Our first property I bought before we got married so technically it is under my name. My question is can my wife apply for a loan as a first time home buyer? I was hoping we could use her income to purchase a home with 3-5%down. I know that increases the payment and adds PMI but I think we could find a program with a reduced or zero PMI option. this would keep more money in our pockets for other investments or rehab work. Please let me know what you think. Thanks again. Jason