Getting HELOC When Own Too Many Rentals?

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I have been rejected on two occasions for a HELOC on my primary residence because I own too many rental properties tied to mortgages. Do you know of any banks that offer checkbook HELOCs that don't require withdrawals, have low annual fees, and have no restrictions around how many financed rental properties are in your name?



Hi Michael,

Would you be opposed to refinancing all the rentals out of your name and into commercial loans? That would clear up your credit and the HELOC would be no problem. When I first started buying investment properties I had the mortgages all in my name and then 2014 I refied them all away and never looked back. I now only put the loans in the LLC names which has made primary, car, or any personal finance options so much easier.

Hi @JJ Bliss

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not interested in going through a refi at this time, but your idea is one that intrigues me for later in my investing life. At this point, the HELOC isn't urgent, but would be nice to have in case I needed it for a future opportunity. I had to pass one home up earlier in the year due to a lack of available funds, so don't want to encounter this situation again.

I feel like there must be a HELOC option somewhere for those with a higher # of rental properties, no?