Rental property under own name or LLC name

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We put a townhouse under contract with cash and are planning to refinance it after closing. Talked to several banks and credit unions. Most of them would not Refi Properties under LLC names and it takes longer to finance LLC properties. How do others deal with this? It seems to me it is easier (maybe cheaper) and after to finance properties under personal names. Has anyone done transferring title from personal names to LLC after financing completed? BOA officers told me I could do that and they would not accelerate the payments. Not sure how to handle this. Looking for advice. Thanks!

Some banks will allow you to sign a personal guarantee to finance with the LLC. Otherwise after the sale is complete you deed the property into your LLC. The note and deed of trust or mortgage stay in your name but the LLC has ownership and makes the payments. Banks generally will not exercise the due on sale clause as long as the note is performing and you own the LLC.