Canadian Investor looking to invest in US

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I am a Canadian Investor and looking to invest in US Real Estate. I have picked up few areas where I am interested in investing. I wanted to see if I can get some feedback-suggestions from fellow foreign or Canadian investors who were able to get mortgage or loans to invest in US market. I am looking to get ideas to get funding to purchase single family homes in US Real estate market. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

@Arun Thakur You can leverage RBC, TD and/or BMO for single-family purchases but they are wary about investment properties (ex-pat Canadian here). Otherwise, finding cheap lending can be a bit of a hassle (not impossible) for foreigners..

As a Canadian, your biggest issue will be property management. Single-family purchases do not offer the luxury of cream-of-the-crop property management and are very expensive (~8-10% vs. 3-4% for large multifamily). Plus, managing 1-2 properties from afar can become a hassle.

Not discouraging but trying to present you the set of challenges you will encounter when buying single-family or smaller real estate properties.