What is the best HELOC with 90% LTV on primary residence

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I have a property now worth about $750000 and I have about $280k in equity in it. I live there and i would like to get a HELOC at 90% LTV to put the money towards a new investment.

Anyone have any recommendations for banks I could use?  Any feedback about ease and speed of process, rates, etc would be much appreciated.  the property is in Atlanta, Ga.


@Jamal Green I just got my HELOC done. I shopped around for rates. I always found that local banks give you a better deal on rates vice big institutional banks (Wells Fargo, Bank Of America, etc). It took mine awhile to close, but if you go to lending tree you can research banks in your area and see what the interest rates are. I'm sure there is a local credit union in Atlanta that has some decent rates with a first year locked in rate.

Thanks for your info. Mortgage brokers in Atlanta can be very incompetant and some banks and credit unions can be very difficult to deal with, so just looking for some suggestions.


USBank was ok, 90% loan at around 5% interest.  Mostly online / email.  Required 2 years of W2s, tax records, insurance records, mortgage records, called my work, sent out appraiser, signed several docs + a notary to my house for final docs.  No out of pocket for me.  

Good Luck!



27 days total (applied online on a Sat, closed on a Friday).  A few days probably waiting on me to get them documents (e.g. had to get a W2 from former employer).

Good Luck!