Anyone had experience with CPA? Peter harris?

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I am a commercial real estate broker with an 81 unit portfolio for sale in Richmond, VA. I received a call from someone who you could tell had very little knowledge of multifamily investments and asked for some proprietary financials. I asked her to send me proof of funds and a bio. She sent me a letter from Commercial Property Advisors, Peter Harris, which stated she had approval for funds sufficient to cover the purchase price and below it listed a Wells Fargo business account showing funds in excess of the purchase price. This smells like a scam. Has anyone ever heard of this guy Peter Harris? Commercial Property Advisors Funding?

I have seen his videos on youtube, Mr. Sloan, he seems to be knowledgeable about commercial real estate and after peering over his website briefly, it seems that he offers personalized training to people new to the business. 

Did you ask the woman for more details about how she qualified?

I told her that I need proof of liquid funds sufficient to cover 25% of the purchase price and to provide proof of that.  Just seems strange. I've never seen anything like this in 15 years of being in the industry.  I was curious if anyone up here had heard of this group or had any experience with them.

I thought I bring this issue about Peter Harris back up .I was also told about the $10k start up fee . I am skeptical so I did not sign up . . For those that have invested $10k have you thought about investing that amount with Grant Cardone.. I think his non -accredited investors can invest 5k.. look into Grants  program.. let me know what you all think 

Thanks for responding and sharing you the info about Jason Yasuri i will check it out!

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@Daniel Cisneros No i didn't sign up with him. I signed up with Jason Yarusi. He is great. Check him out.