Anyone used Angel Oak Prime Bridge?

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Has anyone used Angel Oak Prime Bridge? I have found a great deal for a buy, rehab and hold but need to find a private or hard money lender. I have tried to research this company and have not found a lot of details from anyone that has used them. 

Hi Kenneth--I am also reviewing Angel Oak. I think it's a bit strange that no one from their team has replied; several of their team members are on BP, and you would think they would all have keyword alerts set up. 

I did find this thread:

Hope that helps! 

It's news to me that AO works with consumers directly at all. Maybe they don't and that's why you aren't getting a response. When I look at their website, it's a bunch of stuff directed at me, not directed at consumers. 

They prospect folks in my profession pretty hard for our brokered business, one of their reps was in our office a few weeks ago. They even hand out PDF fliers for their products with the logo and contact info blank, so the mortgage broker can slap their own logo and company info on it; the consumer wouldn't even know it was Angel Oak until the transaction was live. I don't think they want to talk to consumers/borrowers directly; they'd rather outsource the time consuming work part to brokers, and take the loan once it's live and ready to rock. 

FYI: Last time I looked into them, they didn't seem to like beat up properties. Very Fannie Mae like property standards.

I worked with them about two years ago. At the time I used their rehab loan and I had a good experience. I closed on time and received funds from my draw request in about 3-4 business days.

Anyone aware of what’s happened to Angel Oak Prime Bridge? There’s news out about the AOMS and AOHL, but no AOPB. It’s not even referenced on Angel Oak Companies website anymore.