Looking for financing or equity partner on a 4-plex

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I have the deal, but having trouble finding enough private financing. I’m not wanting to go to a bank, but am open to a partner. Having trouble finding someone with enough cash to lend privately. Current Gross rents: $2150 Expected new rents within 1 year: $2500 Looking for $240k purchase price and reserves Purchase price $225-230 Taxes: $1500/Yr Ins: $1200/YR Water/sewer: $1800/Yr Lawn Care: $1200/Yr Should end up with close to $800-1000 cash flow after financing, depending on rate and terms. Was possibly looking for interest only for 5 years, with balloon. Or a partner that could be creative with the funding side of a deal.

How are you calculating $800-1000 in cash flow per month off a $230k purchase that rents for $2150?