Need Low Closing Cost investment Mortgage - 3-Unit Upstate NY

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Looking to buy an investment property for around $110k. It's a 3-unit, located in NY's capital region.

I currently have an owner-occupied 3-family and my PITI is around $1610. Excellent credit. Good DTI; significant student loans, but payments on the loans are only around $200 on income-based repayment.

Have around $35k cash available and can take a loan from my defined-benefit pension for an additional $4,300. 

The issue I'm running into is I have around the right amount of cash right now, but reserve requirements are killing me because I'm looking at an additional $7-8k to close on top of what I have available based on most quotes I've gotten.

Does anybody know any no- or low-closing cost lenders I can turn to to get this deal done? Or ones that don't require reserves? I know the down payment alone on a 25% conventional will be around $27k... That doesn't leave me much wiggle room for closing costs when reserves are factored in.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or referrals. Thanks!

@Paul M.   With 25% down you should have the option to not escrow taxes and insurance, which will eliminate 6 months or so of property taxes paid at closing to set up your escrow account.  If taxes are making up a large portion of those closing costs, that should help a bit.  Trustco Bank is big on advertising low closing costs, at least for owner occupied homes.  I can refer you to a local branch manager if you'd like a contact, just send a PM.