Sell my personal vehicle that has a lien on it or..

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I have a vehicle with a bank loan and was wondering what you would do in my situation.. Should I sell it to lower my DTI and get out from underneath the monthly payment and monthly full coverage insurance payment so I could proceed with another deal in the next 6 months? Only problem with that though is I have no other extra vehicle so I would have to use my personal savings that I plan on putting towards my next deal to get a vehicle and that would wipe out all of my capital. My plan is to put 20% down on my next deal so the capital is important to me.

@Joseph Gambino , one way or another, I believe your situation makes a statement about your impatience. You've summarized the pros and cons quite well. Many here on BP recommend only buying junker cars (and making other lifestyle cost-cutting measures) while focusing on deal finding/making.

ie. What's the bet that you're paying a much higher interest rate on that car loan (for what is essentially a consumable item) than if you'd bought it with proceeds from a HELOC on a property that you (could have) wisely bought first?

ie. Get rid of bad debt, before good debt! [Note: I'm not recommending using H/ELOCs to buy a car!]

If your car loan is affecting your DTI that much, are you really ready for that either/or question?

ie. What other things need you know, and how much should you save, before doing deals? Good luck...