Looking for a sample of how to present a deal to a private lender

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I recently had a client I've known for years call me and mention he is looking to fully fund some flips in return for splitting the equity. I'm wondering if anyone can give me an advice (or better yet, an actual sample deal) on what to include and how to prepare/present a deal to him. TIA!

If you are already doing deals and have a track record it would be cheaper to get hard money. Just think, if you were going to make 60k on a rehab, now you are going to make 30k. You basically paid 30k to get financing with an equity partner. I bet you would have only paid about 7-8k for your financing with hard money.

When you need guidance from an experienced investor I highly recommend partnering with someone who knows what the hell they are doing. It will save you from messing up really bad with contractors and maybe getting foreclosed on. The partner will help to guarantee that you make some money and that is very important on your first few deals.