Financing first house

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Getting ready to finance first house but needing little help on deciding where or which bank to go to? I am located in north Houston, Texas if your familiar with the area. Thanks.

@Canel Cole . When you say "Getting ready to finance first house" are you meaning your first "Investment Property" or your first "Personal Residence"?

I don't have any specific recommendations for you in North Houston. Generally if you are buying with the assistance of an Agent, your Agent will have Lenders they have previously worked with, and know the quality of service provided. This "Face-To-Face" knowledge and interaction becomes important, if any "sticky" issues develop during the transaction. 

If you are buying new construction without an Agent, you most likely will be using the Builder's Lender, as most Builder's "incentivize" the transaction as such it's difficult to use another Lender. The spiel goes something like this, "If you use our Preferred Lender and Close at our Preferred Title Company, then we (Builder) will pay X% Of your Closing Costs, and the Title Policy. You are free to choose any other Lender or Title Company you prefer, but we (Builder) will not pay your Closing Costs or pay for the Title Policy."

Good luck and congratulations on taking your first steps, regardless of whether it's a Personal Residence or Investment Property.  Whichever it may be, go with a 30-Year Loan. You then can make additional payments, or setup an accelerated program to pay it off as you might choose. 

PM me off forum if you have other questions.