What's up everyone? Happy Friday - 

Thought I'd pick your brain on the financing terms I was just presented by a local bank:

Per his email:

Interest rates would be 5.125% for three years or 5.50% for five years; 20 year amortization and .50% commitment fee.

We can look to underwrite and approve with 20% down payment if using 100% of your own funds <or> 25% down payment if obtaining a 10% seller second mortgage (15% coming from you).


I currently own 6 properties (12 Units) with them, financed under a similar structure, that I purchased back in May.

Looking to purchase an additional 22 Units contingent on bank financing, so before I move forward, what are your thoughts on this? 

I've shopped around multiple banks over the past 18 months and this seems (to me) to be the best option. Plus they are ok with seller carry-back, which I did in my initial 12 unit purchase.