Recommended 203k lenders in GA (for MFR)

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Hello, first post on bigger pockets but have been following for a while. I recently came across a multi family here in Middle Georgia (Macon) that needs some work. 

I would like to do a 203k loan and live in one unit and rent out the other(s) but I haven’t had the greatest of luck finding a suitable lender. One told me I would need over 20% down payement, even if owner occupied and the other won’t do 203k loans on a multi family. 

The asking price was/is 120k and probably needs north of 40k in repairs. I have good credit and had been approved for 203b/k loans for sfh so that is not an issue. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

Originally posted by @Lee Taylor :
@Dominique Porter I would be a little concerned with a 4 unit or less in Macon requiring $160,000 all in cost. Is it in a good area?

It’s walking distance from Mercer. 5 minutes away and you’re on campus. I’m weary of Macon but I feel a property that close to Mercer would be worth it.