HELOC or Home Equity on Investment Property (in MA)

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I have several rental properties in MA and have build equity into them.

I want to get HELOC or Home Equity Loan against my investment properties. I prefer not to do cash out refinance since interet rate on these properties is very low.

The only bank I have found so far that will do home equity loan on investment property is DCU, one loan per member up to $50K.  PenFed has limit of 3 properties so i do not quality. 

Are there any other banks/CUs you recommend that will do HELOC/home equity loan on investment property?


Originally posted by @Joe G. :

@Neel Shah

I just completed a HELOC with PenFed and have more than 3 properties....variable rate but straight forward process.

Search the forums and messaged lenders directly.  

 Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply.

How did you overcome 3 properties requirement from PenFed? I don't have all my properties under <3 LLC, so that loop hole doesn't work in my case.

@Neel Shah

I didn't know there was a three property requirement...what are they telling you?

Remember I did a HELOC. I don't have an LLC.

I always recently used NavyFed.  Also very user friendly.