Lender Recommendation in Orlando, Florida?

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Recommended lender in Orlando, Florida? I’m a buy-and-hold investor. I’d really like to establish a relationship with a local bank/credit union early on. Short-term looking to get pre-approved for an FHA loan to get into my first property. Long-term looking for a portfolio lender and easy refinancing for BRRRR projects. Recommendations before I start cold-calling? Thank you in advance!

Dane, I do not have a specific lender that I personally know in Orlando, Florida, that I can recommend to you however, the advise I would humbly give you is not to limit yourself to just lenders that are physically located in your area and definitely do not limit yourself to working only with banks and credit unions.

Banks and credit unions offer real estate investors some major benefits (lowest rates and very good terms)  but their are a few major draw backs (limit on how many properties they will allow you to finance, lengthy times to close, a lot of documentation).  But again, if you can get a very good relationship with a few of your local banks and credit unions that is great.  Just do not put all your eggs in one basket, because you will discover you will need several lenders the more properties you acquire and the more successful you become.

I hope this help and I wish you the best!

@Dane Hamilton have you tried posting this in the Florida forum?  You may have more local responses in that forum if you need a bank is a specific city.  Just an idea.  Thanks!

@Dane Hamilton - I agree with David. It's nice to have a local bank that you can walk into and have human contact and that may help you but it can only take you so far as banks are tied to regulations/underwriting guidelines. 

Definitely doing a search for lenders that lend in the Orlando area would better serve you. You can always compare with what you're getting from local banks. It's best to have more options when investing. 

Dane PLEASE send me a message I have a great contact for you. Especially since I feel like your looking to develop a relationship with your lender I think you guys would work great together.