Local Bank Recommendation for BRRRR - St. Louis, MO

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Most banks generally don't have the fix n flip type programs that would be needed to do these kinds of projects. You need to find a broker or banker that has these kinds of products. I PM'd you some lenders that can do it in your area. 

I work with American Bank of Missouri. They are a small, local bank that loves real estate! I'm currently using one of their renovation loans. They're worth looking into.

Best of luck!

Thanks for the question and replies, I was wondering the same thing. Tried a couple local credit unions and both wanted at least 2 years history for my business (which I don't have yet).  Kevin, would you mind sending those lenders my way as well?

@Austin Gaines ... my current loan with them is for a property I'll be selling after renovation. But I know they have a product that fits the BRRR model as well. I believe they're willing to refinance you out completely, as long as the appraisal supports it. Not sure if they'd let you take a bunch of cash out, though. Does that make sense?

So if you bought for $50K, put $25K in, and it appraised for $100K... you could get you're full $75K back out. But if it appraised for $120K, you may still only be allowed to pull out the $75K.

@James Syed

I worked with the VP & Branch Manager of the Rock Hill location, and he directed me to the right people after that. I sent his contact info to you in a direct message.

@Megan Greathouse

Thank you for your prompt response. 

I did speak to Travis and just emailed him. He said he would find a loan officer for me who could assist further. 

Thank you for pm as well. 

Hope to catch up with in person sometime. I am real estate managing broker and runs my brokerage. I am in Mt Olive, about 1 hour from St Louis. 


My fiance, Christopher Beahm, is a lender locally here in St. Louis but is licensed in 13 states. At his company, they offer some unique products, and he specializes working with many investors. Feel free to message me if you'd like his contact information.

Best of luck!

Kristen Paquette, Realtor ® | Worth Clark Realty

The Bank of Edwardsville has a lot of Branches. I recommend you ask for Mark Davitz at the branch on West main at the intersection of Frank Scott Parkway West. He does lending for tons of investors and is an investor himself. He is also a member of Illinois REIA. I will PM you his phone number.

@Kevin Romines Hello, I just stumbled upon this thread. Would you mind sending me a recommendation for 30 yr Freddie/Fannie lenders who work in Missouri? I'm in the process of purchasing/refinancing some 2-4 unit properties, the lender I'm working with has some overlays that are causing an issue. Thanks for the help! 

@Aaron L. what kind of overlays are you facing?  And the Illinois forum might be a better place to ask for local recommendations but we might be able to help in a general sense.