Seeking private money loan for 10-unit

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Seeking private money options. Potentially long-term money. Any recommendations? Is it possible to receive recommendations via this venue? 10-unit Multifamily in Northern California.

Hi @Ben Rishwain ,

There is so much more info that's needed to determine the best fit for what you're trying to do. 

Do you own this property currently and are looking to refinance it? Or are you looking for purchase money?

Is the property stabilized? any vacancies?

Is it cash-flowing?

My first suggestion would be to reach out to a broker who specializes in lending options for such investment property types.  Brokers are best-suited to look at the specific situation and find you the right fit, not just whichever lender says "yes" first. 

My second suggestion would be to look into Portfolio lenders. Although this is one property, since it has 10-units, you should fit within the Portfolio bucket and be able to obtain MUCH better terms with this route than you would private money. If you were my client, this is where I would start, before we even began talking about private money options. 

Qualification for a Portfolio loan would be based on how cash-flowing the property is, so make sure to have a solid idea of gross rents received, along with the expenses for the property (including taxes and insurance, maintenance, landscaping, any landlord-paid utilities, etc.). 

Hope this helps!