BRRR Strategy Doubt - Financial Instrument

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Hello Everyone

In using the BRRR strategy, when you refinance, what is the financial instrument that you use ?

I ask that because a Mortgage is limited to 10 applications per lifetime, right ?

So when you go to the bank, after your 10th house, what do you ask for ? 

Thank you 


Newbie in Florida

Those limitations vary between banks, but I expect that you're actually thinking of the rules that limit you to 10 simultaneous personal mortgages. (Note: simultaneous, not per lifetime.) My bank will only write me 10 personal loans at one time, but they have offered to write me as many business loans as I want, so long as the numbers make sense. I recommend talking to a few banks (especially small, local banks instead of the big chains) and a few mortgage brokers to get a sense of what your options are.