Hard money lenders, who do you recommend?

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Originally posted by @Nathan Hathorn :

Seeking out options for a hard money lender for opportunities in Abilene, TX

Lots of options here on BP. Go to the tab at the top of screen and click on network. You'll get a bunch of hyperlinks and one of them is "Hard Money Lenders". Click on that and you'll get information on a ton of HML's. Also, if you go to the Marketplace and post what you're looking for, a bunch of people will contact you with their proposals.


@Nathan Hathorn

I am currently using Gray Cato with Wildcat Lending in Dallas TX for a flip in Wichita Falls, TX. Competitive rates and good customer service. Not sure if I can post a phone number here or not but just Google it and when you talk to Gray make sure you tell him I referred you.

Good luck