Information on Angel Investors!?

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Hey BiggerPockets!

Looking for any; information, referrals, advice, etc. on Angel Investors!

I'm looking to raise capital to purchase long term buy and hold real estate deals. I work with a local portfolio lender (80% LTV) and I'm looking to raise the down payment of 20% via loan product paid back over 36-60 months.

Thanks for all responses! and feel free to leave a message! 

@Greg Szymbor

Angel investors typically have interests different from RE investing. I'm not saying you can't raise capital from them, but it will take as much time as with any other investor. 

In terms of finding them, go on Meetup and find groups with AI. Join the group and become a regular. Once they know you well, you should be able to pick up some investors from the group.

@Greg Szymbor   Unfortunately it looks like you're asking for 100% financing which is extremely tough.  As the saying goes "if you're not looking to put any of your own money into the deal, why would I?"

If you could put in 10% and seek the other 10%, I think you would have more luck.

Angel Investors are not looking to make loans on real estate at 100% LTV, even at sky high rates. They are looking to make investments into start up businesses that are highly scalable and offer the opportunity to 10x, 30x, or 100x their investment, knowing that any particular investment they make has low odds of doing that (and will likely fail completely)

Angel Investors normally have lots of money, and perhaps for a different piece of their investment strategy would make higher risk loans. But most prudent investors would never take a second position at 100% LTV on a newer investor with no skin in the game with whom they have no pre-existing long term relationship. If you find them, congrats, you are a master salesman and could go earn big bucks in a sales gig.