Bank offered me 100k though heloc, wanted more

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My wife and I applied for a heloc using her primary residence purchased at 600k. There is no mmortgage. We generally don't carry debt over to the next month, but I guess our DTI was still poor. Bank offered us 100k. I was planning a BRRRR and I don't think it's enough. Should I take the money and adjust our plans, our look to another bank?

@Johnny Zapata ,Completing that exact scenario now.  Multiple competing . national banks are offering 80% heloc including 5/3, Citizens, Wells and PNC.  Keep shopping.  5/3 had the most attractive terms - prime only.  they pay all closing costs including appraisal and title, and a teaser rate of prime minus 1.5ish  for the first year.  

But like all banks they make you want to tear your hair out.  So be patient.  Or drink heavily before interacting with their underwriters.