HELOC on primary home for less than stellar credit

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My wife's credit not so great - mid-500s. Mine is 700+ but I'm not on title or the loan. I could be if it would help. Both of us work, no mort lates in past 3 yrs. Any recommendations on a HELOC?

@David de Luna being on the first loan doesn't matter but being on title does. If you are married that might be a good enough reason to add you to title (in Texas it is required that both spouses be on title on primary homes) but I'm not 100% on California law (if that's where you live) so certainly consult a Title Company about adding yourself. But once on title you can apply for a HELOC without her. That would seem to be the simplest solution to me.

Thank you @Andrew Postell . I had a conversation with Quicken Loans recently where they mentioned their own 6 month seasoning requirement for being on title. Should I expect most other lenders will have this requirement or just get on title, apply and simply say I'm on title when asked?

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@David de Luna I would certainly steer clear of working with ANY large, national lender.  We always preach to work with smaller, local lenders since they are normally more flexible than others.  I'm not too familiar with California lending so try to post in the California forum to see if anyone can weigh in on it.

@David de Luna Hey David these banks were posted by someone else, because they do HELOCS on investment properties give them a call. Hope one of these work out for you.


US Bank

TD Bank


Union Bank, specializes in noo HELOC, Cory K Bente on BP

Utah: Americafirst 80% LTV on noo 65% LTV 15 year 5.74%

80% HE 15 or 10 year 6.49 fixed

First Florida Credit Union (Jacksonville area)

1.99% for 12 months, 5.25% variable 80% CLTV 20 yr w 10 yr draw

Investment property HELOC in Texas from Hurst Lending and Insurance

Thanks, @Lawrence L. I appreciate it. We're looking to do a HELOC on our primary, actually. I should have said that. However, I'll contact them also to check their rates on primary HELOCs. If you or anyone know a good lender or broker for primary HELOCs, I'm all ears. Thanks again.