Chicago community bank or private lender

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@Jaki Gandara Bigger Pockets does have state specific forums.  If you know what product you seek but just need it in your area try posting in the Illinois forum.  I see one local person has already responded but I think you would get more responses there too.  Just a thought.  And welcome to Bigger Pockets!

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Hi, I'm very new to this forum and would like to start getting preapproved with a private lender any advise will be greatly appreciated, from Chicago IL

(Thanks @Stephanie P. )

We are in Chicago and always happy to chat. (You are welcome to visit us in person too). 

If you are referring to pre-approval letters, we can provide this if the seller desires this. Note that a pr-approval letter is not a commitment to lend, but hey, if the seller wants it for some reason we can provide it.


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@Benjamin Hurwitz howncan I get in touch with you. I want to start investing and would like to know more

PM me or see my profile for email and telephone number.


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