Tenant verification services

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The tenant background check service I usually use (not going to name them here) no longer does employment verification.
a) Is there a service you recommend?
b) If I do it myself, is there standard questions I should/can ask?
c)If I do it myself, how should it go and/or what should I expect?

Thank you,

@Luke H. Rentprep.com has an option on their screening tool to have them verify employment. I prefer to do it myself through paystubs and calling/emailing the employer.


How long has the applicant worked there?

What does the applicant do for the company?

How much do they make?

Is the work temporary or seasonal?

Are they a responsible employee?

Also fake paystubs are a thing. I wouldn't rely on them alone. Usually applicants will make a mistake but I have seen some good ones. Verify them with your employer questions.

I called on one place and they are asking me to send them a FAX with the request. Does anyone have a sample of a request to fax over?

Thank you

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