Leverage Primary Residence into a business

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Hi, I'm following the moderator's helpful template in hopes it will help stimulate discussion on how I can start a small business in rental/property management using my almost paid off primary residence. My primary question is what is the best way to leverage the house I have? What loan products are best suited for my situation/goals?

My and story: Establish small rental business that I can leave to my children. I’m 10 yrs from retiring. 

Type of property: Single family home (s) or multi

Location of property: Texas, Harris County, Inside the beltway, College Station AND Italy

Purpose of financing: This is where I need help. Cash Out Refinance ? I have <$100k left on my current mortgage and will be paid off 09/2022.Would use the equity in my primary residence to purchase and rent single family or multi homes ($350-$450k

Type of financing sought: Not sure,.

Current or prior ownership of real estate: Primary residence in Houston, and Apt. in Italy

Occupancy: Investment with traditional long term leases. I rented the primary residence out for 7yrs when I was transferred overseas. The 2nd, could be rented and managed by my son. Perhaps when he is attending college at A&M? Also have a Vacation apt. in Italy that we would like to rent out as well for short term (AirBnB like)…maybe even buy another one?

Value of property at present and/or your offer price: $750k primary. Italy $200k

Current rents per month: $ Primary residence was getting $45,00 6 yrs ago

Fair market rents per month: $ same?

Down payment or equity: Prefer as low as possible. Buy and Hold

Source of down payment funds, if applicable: own funds, 401k or secured borrowed funds (HELOC, etc)

Income Source: Salaried – Long term stable job as an engineer

Gross monthly income (optional): $>200k

Monthly debt obligations appearing on credit report, plus (if applicable) personal rent and alimony/child support/etc: $ 1000/month

FICO: Excellent, Credit issues: none

Additional details: Would like to make the business international in the long run. We may go overseas again and will use property managers to help us.

@Calvin Holt  

You've put yourself in an excellent financial position to acquire rental properties! I hate to see you refinance your personal residence since you've made so much progress. You could use a HELOC or 401k as a down payment for a short-term loan to purchase the property and add value. Once you have the property repaired & rented out, you can refinance into long term financing to get your money back. I see a lot of investors repeat this process over and over using the same funds.

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Hi Cameron --by business I meant that a certain number of properties would generate profit... I mean we need properties to make cash flow right? I'm not sure I am following the point of the question.