Hello everyone! As the title states, I'm currently working on my very first deal. (Besides my current residence). Below ive attached the details of the property and the numbers. The sale price is 400k but that is for both the tax lots. (1 single fam house on one lot and the 4 plex and another single family on one lot. My question to all of you pros out there is this; What would be the most effective way for me to go about financing this givin I only have around 40k to invest. Ive talked to the owner and he doesn't care much for the place and says hes willing to work with me on financing (possibly carrying the note at an accelerated interest rate for around 3-5 years).

Any help or advice is appreciated. Also, I dont mind house hacking so maybe FHA on one lot and maybe he carries the note on the other??

Below are the details including current rents which are about 10% below market.

Building #1 Single family one bed one bath small house. Long term tenet (over 10 years) never has raised the rent on her ($550 - this is way under value). Fenced large front yard, carport walled in she uses as storage. I pay water, sewer and garbage for this building. New roof 3-4 years ago +/-. Inside of this building if you replace tenet will need to be updated. 

Building #2 - Old large home converted to 4 plex. Upstairs two studios with one shared full bath ($450 each per month). Down stairs #1 is Studio full bath and kitchen ($675). Unit #2 one bed room with small kitchen and dinning and living roof, full bath. Long term tenet - never raised rent on them ($700). Full basement that I use as storage - but could be rented out as storage. Last year undated plumbing fixtures to low volume water use types. I pay water, sewer, electrical and garbage for this building. 

Building #3 One bed one bath - completely remolded last year (some pictures below). Fenced back yard with storage building detached. I pay water, sewer and garbage for this building. New roof 2 years ago +/-. 

During remodel I undated plumbing fixtures to low volume water use types. Rent $950.

Will not split the property. But would sale as two separate transaction (to close at same time) to keep loan as "personal and not commercial). Willing to trade other valuables as part of down or as part of purchase price if that is an option to you (i.e. other real estate, gold, coins, silver, stocks bonds... Not really interested in vehicles??? maybe smaller farm or logging eq.???).

All tenants on leases that are now month to month (I start of with at least a 6 months lease which converters to a month to month after 6 months - thus you can raise rent if you like or evict.