Private Lending Recommendation

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Has anyone in the community used a company called Private Lending Direct LLC? Thanks for the feed back.

Check my profile.

This is my wife and my company and we are being victimized by a company identity theft issue. Someone has created a very professional looking website using our company name and some of our personal info. It appears they are soliciting others on BP and possibly elsewhere. We don’t do this. They answer the phone using my name and will request many thousands of dollars in up-front fees. We don’t do this either.

We only loan on flips in southern California and only to those we’ve personally met. If you are not borrowing in the Los Angeles/north Orange county area, and we haven’t personally met you, you are being scammed.

Because this is ongoing, I won’t publish much yet, but do not respond to anyone using our company name whether they say they are me or not.

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