What interest rates are available on rental properties?

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We are seeing mid 3's to high 6's, all depends on LTV, credit score and loan amounts.

Smaller loans amount and lower credit score you get the higher rates

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Hi All, it seem I’m being quoted over 5%, which surprises me, for rental property financing. What are you all seeing given the drop in rates?

Loan sizes, documentation and the type of properties affect the rate.

I've seen rates in the low 4's for ARM's and 5.75 to 9% for 30 year fixed (no income verification).

It just depends on whether you can qualify full doc or not.


@Frank LaViola -  Yes, this is what I'm getting, especially for my commercial product.  They're dropping the rates so more home owning people can afford to purchase homes, rather than renting.  Especially in this market where home prices and rent prices keep outpacing wage growth.